Baby Love

When should you book your session?

If you are doing a pregnancy session, it really depends on how much you are showing and when you feel most comfortable. This time can be different for each person but a good time to schedule is typically between the end of the 7th month through the middle of your 8th month. Again, this is your individual choice.

It is best to schedule your newborn session toward the end of your pregnancy and I will note your due date on my calendar to use as a reference point. Once your little one arrives, call me as soon as possible to schedule the exact time and day. It is best to set up the session within the first two weeks after birth (the earlier the better). This is when your baby is sleepy and curls up into those wonderful newborn poses. It is more difficult for older babies to relax and fall asleep, making it harder to capture those beautiful newborn shots that we all adore.

If you have a brand new baby and haven’t booked your session yet, please contact me. I will do my best to fit you in as soon as possible.

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