Puppy Love

Your pet is a valued member of your family. As pet lovers we understand what a huge part our pets play in our lives. I celebrate each animal’s uniqueness and use his or her individual personality as an inspiration.

I take my time getting to know your pet and making sure he or she feels comfortable with me. Once your pet has finished sniffing my camera equipment and me, the sessions are usually very casual and laid back There is no pressure for your pet to be completely trained or to be perfect. The aim is for you and your pet to be as relaxed and comfortable as can be so that I can capture his or her genuine personality.

I love to photograph pets when they are just being themselves. My job is to wait patiently for the perfect shots as well as to create and capture them. In the process, there will be tons of ear scratches and belly rubs as well as treats and lots of love. Each pet is unique and each session is different – but they are always a lot of fun!

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